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°°°°ZHEJIANG CHUNHUI MAGNETOELECTRICITY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a joint-stock Company established by Zhejiang Chunhui Group and National High-tech Co.,Ltd. Together with relative universities and colleges .The company is responsible for the model project kf the nation is technology industrialization whichis annuallyburning and compounding 5000 tons of special ceramics composite materials .The total investment of this project is RMB £§193 million .The company is situated at Chunhui Industrial Park of Shangyu Economic Development Zone.
°°°°The company owns a group of senior engineers and management personnel represented by 3 famous experts .There are 16 employees with senior technica titles ,and 20 employees with mid-level titles .More than 30% of employees are technicians and engineers with diplomas above junior college level .The company introduces the state-of ®Cthe-art technology of material composition , i.e.,Self-propagation High-temperate Synthesis .The key and main facilities are imported from the US,Russia,Germany,Japan and Taiwan.With high quality talents ,the most advanced technology , first class facilities ,perfect management system and reliable means of quality guarantee,the cimpany provides the high quality ceramics and composite materials to meet your reuirements.The mainproducts of the company are soft magnetic ferrite granules and all kinds of soft magnetic ferrite magnetic cores.

With the concept of good faith ,unity ,and exploitation ,the company pays a lot of attention to the application of high technology and the development of new produts ,and ia willing to develop and strive forward together with the friends in different circles.
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